Need to increase your business’ growth but don’t want to hire a full-time firm for marketing?

By working with an experienced marketing consultant, you will better understand the needs of your business. It’s not always marketing that is preventing your business from growth. We help businesses develop internal processes that increase their productivity and increase their conversion rates of new leads. Let us help you develop a custom marketing strategy for your client’s journey that begins with the first point of contact to the 5 star Google review.

Areas of Expertise

Grand Openings

Business Strategy

Relationship Marketing

Brand Development

Business Development

Market Analysis

Reputation Management

The purpose of marketing is to bring in new business and drive revenue. What if your lack of new business isn’t that you need more new leads? What if your lack of new business is due to the low conversion of new leads?

Heather Frigaard

Founder, CEO

Heather is a relationship marketing expert with over 25 years of experience. She began her corporate career with a Fortune 500 company, which included a national expansion of a new regional market in the state of Texas. Through business mentoring and consumer behaviors along with marketing skills derived from experience, she founded Life in Motion in 2011. Life In Motion has assisted hundreds of companies in increasing their ROI and developing a loyal customer following while playing a pivotal role in their online reputation as being recognized as an industry expert in their field.