Why Your Website Needs Original Content

Why Your Website Needs Original Content

The internet isn’t just crawling with people—it’s also crawling with search engine bots looking for new, relevant content to show people. Google rewards websites that update their content on a regular basis (once a week is a good goal) because it sees that someone is actively maintaining that site. But creating new content every week can feel like a lot of work. It might be tempting to take a shortcut and repost other people’s content on your own website, but that strategy may not work as well as you think.

Like we talked about in our SEO blog, Google’s mission is to provide the best, most relevant content for its customers (i.e., anyone who Googles something). Google uses several algorithms to determine what should show up first in the search engine results, and Google will analyze each individual page on your website instead of looking at your website as a whole—so it’s really more accurate to think about webpages ranking instead of websites.

Duplicating Content Hurts Your Rankings

If you’re duplicating other people’s content, those pages won’t rank in relative searches because Google will rank the original content instead (i.e., the page you got the content from in the first place). According to Google, your page may as well not exist.

If you want to show up in Google search results, you need your own content.

Original Content for the Win!

There are a couple of big reasons why original content helps to boost your site:

It helps with ranking in more ways than one. If you’re writing relevant blogs (or new pages) about the services you offer and other topics related to your industry, you’re probably including keywords without even trying to. That will help those pages rank in the search results. And like we said earlier, when you regularly update your website, Google can see that someone is actively managing the website. Google gives you brownie points for that.

You position yourself as a subject-matter expert. When you write your own content, people will see that you know what you’re talking about. It instills confidence in you, your knowledge, and your services. What’s more, other people in the industry might start referencing your content and accidentally send you referrals.

Whenever you’re creating original content, beware of “keyword stuffing.” Keyword stuffing = bad. Don’t do it. When we say keyword stuffing, we’re talking about using the same word or phrase over and over again on a certain page. Usually, people do this because they think that using a specific keyword so often on one page will help the page rank highly for that particular keyword. The problem with this practice is that, often, the page sounds spammy and looks like it was written by a robot. Google will think that, too. As a result, that page won’t end up in their search results at all.

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