Social Media Engagement vs. Activity: How Frequently Should I Post?

Social Media Engagement vs. Activity: How Frequently Should I Post?

This is a very hot topic, and one that tends to be very controversial. Most “experts” are going to quote what they heard from another “expert” and say, therefore, it must be true. My opinion in this post is based solely on my own experience and results I have received on behalf of my clients.

Engagement vs. Activity

First, let’s discuss the difference between social media engagement and activity. Social media engagement is defined and measured by interactions between individuals (real-life people) and brands. These can be measures through likes, shares, comments, retweets, and so on and so forth.

Activity is the act of a brand, company, or individual posting, tweeting, and/or sharing information. This can be done on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, Blogger, WordPress…really, anywhere online.

A lot of online marketing companies offer social media maintenance that includes them “posting” to your website anywhere from 3–5 times a week. I even heard one company promise up to six times a day (that one made me roll my eyes). These marketing companies will typically share content and posts from “trusted and reliable” sources. While this will give you a lot of activity, if no one is reading this information, then what purpose is it serving?

It’s All About the Content

When you share information from a third party, you are helping promote that brand. Although there is a lot of good information out there, when you are trying to build an online reputation or presence, the information you take the time to share to your audience should be original in content. If it’s not original, you should not expect a return on investment for the activity.

So what do I post? The age-old saying “quality over quantity” is what should be every business’s online marketing strategy. The quality of the content being sent out should be your first priority. When I say quality, I specifically mean it should be original content, created by you with your audience in mind. It should be engaging and entertaining. The goal is to make you the expert in your industry; we want you to be the resource to your peers.

Start with talking about the services you provide. Use the wording you say when you are selling your services or providing support to your clients. This reinforces your message to potential clients for when they meet with you in person.

After deciding what you are going to write about, make sure the actual content you provide fits these four areas:

  1. Is the content you are providing going to add value to the lives of your followers?
  2. Is it entertaining or informative?
  3. Is this information relevant to the services you provide?
  4. Is it current to the trends of your industry or current events?

Activity on social media needs to appear to be random or people will not be interested in what you have to say. At the same time, it’s important to put a plan together for posting and then evaluate the results of those posts. Each audience is unique, so no two accounts will have the exact same results, even if they are posting the same information. It’s like how no two people have the exact same friends, and social media followers are your online community of friends.

As far as how frequently should you post, my recommendation is to start out small and monitor the engagement of each post you make. Start by blogging once a week and posting three times a week to your social media accounts. This should include your blogs, testimonials, and reviews as well as company culture. From there, it’s learning what your audience likes and what days tend to be the best for engagement.

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