Is the Number of Followers or Likes on My Social Media Page Important?

Is the Number of Followers or Likes on My Social Media Page Important?

By show of hands, how many of you have visited a competitor’s social media site only to feel defeated because they had more followers or likes than you?

Okay, I can’t see who raised their hands, but I’m going to guess that if you didn’t check your competitor’s social media before you started reading this, you’re jumping over there right now to check!

I’m here to tell you that the number of likes are not a direct result of your online influence or brand loyalty. Did you know that you can purchase fake likes? I could have 10,000 likes added to my Facebook page in 24 hours. All of them will be offshore from third-world countries and add absolutely no value to my company, but hey, I’ll have 10,000 likes, so that’s a good thing, right? Wrong! 

Why Is That Bad?

The strategy of social media marketing is to get business through referrals. These referrals can come through past and current clients or through friends and family. The ratio of past and current clients to friends and family referrals is about 100:1. Past and current clients hopefully are passionate about your product (if they’re not, then we need to discuss reputation management…but that will be another blog post). Past and current clients have had a need for your services, so they understand what you do on a deeper level than friends and family do. A client’s referral will be authentic because they believe in your service, they’ve needed your service, and they were happy with your service. Their positive experience will encourage their referral to contact you for your services, and this is where your focus should be for increasing followers on social media. Within your business, create a culture of asking all of your customers to sign up for your email list and like, follow, and connect with you on your social media sites.

When someone follows your brand through social media, an email newsletter, or a blog, you have a responsibility to add value to their life. In today’s world, life is way too busy for people to waste time on things that don’t help them. If your posts don’t offer value, your followers will unfollow you and will no longer recommend/refer you to their friends. 

Did you know that industry statistics state that each of your clients knows 200 individuals who would be interested in your services? The average Facebook user has 600 friends, so that reach could be even higher. 

All in All

I am not going to tell you that the number of likes and/or followers on your social media doesn’t matter (because it does), but what’s more important is who is liking your page and if they are a brand advocate for your company and/or services. Sometimes they are even competitors, and that’s okay, too. I’ve seen more than one occasion where someone accidentally referred a client to their competitor by sharing their competitor’s information with their client base. Of course this was completely unintentional, but any information that is shared online can be traced back to its original source. 

My philosophy is to share the knowledge you have with your followers so it’s out there and you are the originating source. Don’t be concerned with your competitors plagiarizing your content or sharing it with their audience because it still reflects well on you. Information is power, and the more information you share, the greater resource you become. 

So the short answer to this question is yes, but not more important than the who. For a free social media marketing evaluation of your business, give our Fort Worth office a call at 817-431-9861.

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