Look, we’re people…people? What we mean is we want to learn about you personally, about your business, and about your goals. This helps us create great content that is one-size-fits-you. With over 20 years of experience in the marketing industry, we’ve learned that it’s important to build a solid foundation with our clients because it allows us to anticipate their needs. We strategize with you every step of the way so that you know exactly what you’re getting. Some firms disregard the concept of “relationship marketing,” but it’s the backbone of our operation. We take to heart knowing that without you, there is no Life In Motion.



Heather Frigaard is a relationship marketing expert with over 20 years of marketing experience. She began her corporate career with a Fortune 500 company where she was instrumental in the national expansion of the company, including opening a new regional market in the state of Texas.


Heather embraced her entrepreneurial spirit by launching a direct sales business in 1999 where she developed a sales team of over 160 women. Although Heather achieved top sales for her region, she was driven to start her own company, living by the philosophy, “I don’t want to work for Mary Kay, I want to be Mary Kay.”


Through coupling extensive experience in business mentoring and consumer behaviors, along with superior marketing skills, Heather founded Life In Motion in March 2011, a full-service marketing firm. Life In Motion has assisted hundreds of companies in increasing their ROI and developed a loyal customer following while playing a key role on their journey to becoming experts in their industry.


Heather is happily married to her husband and has two beautiful children. She spends her free time on the football and basketball sidelines, supporting her children in their athletic ventures. Heather strongly believes that businesses have a responsibility to give back to the communities they serve. Heather and her family are avid supporters of the Community Store House, St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, and various programs which support the courageous military members and veterans of this country.

 Life in Motion’s creative offering has elevated OTA’s brand to that of modern leader in our industry. Their services alone have allowed us to make lasting impressions with more people than ever before. We take a lot of pride in our new market image, and we strive to live up to our new brand’s significance.”


 What a pleasure it’s been working with you and your staff. I am amazed by the high level of service and the commitment to quality Life in Motion has provided. We couldn’t be happier with the end result of our website and to have achieved it in such a shot period of time is incredible. We look forward to working with Life in Motion again in the future.”




Deven Frigaard has over 20 years of experience with a national Fortune 500 company where he was a senior manager. He hails from Washington state and moved to Texas in 2000 to follow new opportunities with the expansion of his company.


Deven’s professional passions lie in the responsibilities that come with success and, at times, failure. He firmly believes that if one remains true to their passion, prosperity and fulfillment will follow. Deven is driven by the success of his clients and the knowledge that his efforts are instrumental in the achievement of someone’s dream.


In his spare time, Deven enjoys watching his children, playing basketball and football, and spending time with his wife, Heather. He enjoys charitable work and actively participates in programs for the advancement of several organizations such as St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, the Keller Community Storehouse, and Christ’s Haven.



Joseph Manes has 10 years of Apple sales experience, focused on business-to-business sales and support for new and growing companies. With sales running about $2 million a year, he helped in some small part to make Apple the largest company in the world.


In the decade before Apple, he was one of Aquent’s consultants, putting out fires for companies needing technical assistance with graphic design, marketing, and graphics systems support. During this time as an Aquent consultant, he spent four years at Lockheed Martin on the JSF Joint Fighter project, X35 Program. There, he helped put together the government bid and stayed through to the win of the government contract over Boeing’s bid. Prior to Lockheed Martin, he worked as a consultant for the Richardson Group on a team that managed the marketing for Oxygen, ID Software, Chick-fil-A, and Hummer.


Before Aquent, he was an artist doing illustration, drawing such diverse subjects as electronics, chemistry, excavation studies, high power for TU Electric, oil exploration, and general marketing support. With a strong technical side, most of his friends and contemporaries refer to him at the “Tech that Talks.” He loves meeting new people, and he never meets a stranger.


Born in Houston, Joseph spent his middle school years through college in Colorado, where life was about living in the great outdoors. He returned to Texas to work for Ross Perot’s company, EDS, just as Ross was exiting (what a ride that was). It’s great to be back home in Texas.



Tirzah is our marketing manager rock star! She was born and raised Wisconsin, but was drawn to the warmth of the south and moved to Texas as soon as she could. She gained her bachelor’s in business administration at Dallas Baptist University and has grown in her administrative abilities through working in various positions over the last few years. She loves taking the utmost care of clients and has a passion for organization for success. In her off time, she loves soaking up a good book, enjoying the outdoors, or hitting up the gym with her husband.



Susie is the content editor at Life In Motion. Originally from Boston, MA, she loves seafood, the Red Sox, and the ocean. She attended Brigham Young University in Provo, UT, and received a BS in sociology with a minor in editing. After deciding that they really didn’t like the snow in UT, Susie and her husband moved to Texas in 2014. Before finding Life In Motion, she worked as a freelance editor and designer and in the Creative Services Group at one of the Big Four accounting firms. Susie brings to the table her editing skills, enthusiasm for design, and determination to deliver high quality products to clients.


She spends her free time in the outdoors, curled up with a good book, or catching up on Netflix. She enjoys writing and traveling, and was able to travel to all 50 states before turning 18.



Tori is a creative assistant at Life In Motion. She was born in Spokane, Washington, but was raised a Texan. She currently is attending Texas Women’s University to receive her master’s in business administration with an emphasis in marketing, and she plans to graduate next spring. In her spare time, she likes to hang out with her family, play sports, workout, and hang out with her dog, Bella, who is a chihuahua named after Taco Bell.



Richard recently joined Life In Motion as a creative assistant. He grew up on the mean streets of Angola, NY (population 2,118), before joining the Air Force in 2008. After spending a four-year stint as a knuckle buster (mechanic) at Fairchild AFB, Richard moved on to further his education in the North Texas area. He received an associate of arts degree from North Central Texas College and a bachelor of arts with a major in professional and technical communication from the University of North Texas.


He enjoys music in general and has been playing guitar for over 10 years. Some other hobbies include: lifting heavy things (but totally not a “Dude Bro”), playing video games, and spoiling his “Baby Puppy” Kaiser.